Master Wu Yan Hsia

The Wu family have dedicated their lives to their family art of Tai Chi Chuan for over one hundred and fifty years and five generations.

It began with Master Wu Chuan Yau who was a cavalry officer in the palace battalion of the Ching dynasty in Beijing. He learned Tai Chi Chuan from Yang Lu Chan and his son Yang Ban Hou, who had been employed by the imperial family to teach the elite imperial guards.


Master Wu passed the art down to his son Master Wu Chien Chuan, who was initially employed by the Ching dynasty but after the last emperors abdication was appointed instructor to the presidential bodyguards in the new republic. Master Wu Chien Chuan significantly developed Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan. In 1916 with Yang family brothers Yang Cheng Fu and Yang Shou Hao, Master Wu started teaching Tai Chi Chuan to the general public for the first time.

The family gradually moved south and in 1935 opened the first Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy in Shanghai. In 1937 they opened an academy in Hong Kong which is still teaching students today as the headquarters of the Wu family.

Third and fourth generation grandmasters Wu Kung Yi and his son Wu Tai Kwei spread the popularity of Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan throughout south east Asia and opened Academies in Singapore, Malaysia and The Philippines. In 1975 the family opened their first school in north America when Master Wu Tai Chi opened an academy in Toronto.

Fifth generation grandmaster and current head of the Wu family Wu Kwong Yu (Eddie Wu) further established the academy in Toronto, heads academy HQ in Hong Kong assisted by his sister Master Wu Hsia Fung (Cynthia Wu) and has fostered the further development of Wu family Tai Chi Chuan by taking up invitations to teach around the world, including at European schools in London, Athens, Vienna, Paris and Kiev.

Wu family Tai Chi Chuan has been refined over five generations of dedication and requires time and effort to learn. It can bring profound benefits to the practioner. We hope to offer a taste of the Wu family's art at our academy in Brixton.

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